You know you are growing old when…

Getting older is a slow process that happens too quickly. It’s an inevitable fact that we are trying to dodge. And even though it comes in tiny, indiscernible increments each day, one morning,  you wake up and it looks like it crept on you during your sleep. Despite obvious signs that we are growing older, we try to hang on to our youth like we can actually slow down or turn back the clock – Hello! have we learnt nothing about time travel?!! So in case you are in doubt as to where you stand, let me give you a few obvious pointers with regards to aging and you.

You know you are growing old when:

1. You write a blog about growing old – ouch! That’s harsh…

2.  You have back pain. If you don’t suffer from your back, you are either twenty, or dead.

3. You can’t count your gray hair on your head anymore. And paying your children for each one they pluck out has become too expensive.

4. You choose comfortable shoes over stylish ones. That’s a total giveaway!!

5. Out of all the leaflets on display in your doctor’s waiting room, you pick up the one that reads, “How to age gracefully?”

6. You make a joke about being 105 to your kids and they don’t go, “Moooom! You are not 105”. They actually contemplate the possibility that you might be…

7. You can’t run a mile in less than ten minutes … No, scrap that. You can’t run a mile!

8. You need your arms to extend all the way the ground in  order to read a restaurant menu.

9. Somebody gets up for you in the subway. People are so rude, I am telling you!!!

10. Your kids don’t want to kiss you in the morning because, “Your breath smells”. Kids can be so cruel.

11. You are not judgmental about botox and plastic surgery anymore. Instead, you have become a strong believer that, “We should respect everyone’s choice”. Which only means that you have been flirting with the idea yourself!

But way more importantly than female beard, wrinkles and bonions (although that really hurts!), you know you are growing old when you are alive!!! So really, you should enjoy blowing more and more candles on your cake. and welcome all these signs of aging.

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